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2023 Ford Driving Skills for Life

The 15 June, 2023 General

Enhancing Teen Driving Skills with Ford Driving Skills for Life Clinics

The Ford Driving Skills for Life hands-on clinics shine a spotlight on teen driving skills. Don’t miss out on this upcoming event taking place on June 17th and 18th in Kentucky, exclusively designed for newly licensed drivers, particularly teens with a learner’s permit or license. These clinics offer a unique opportunity to enhance teen driving skills in areas critical to over 60% of vehicle crashes. As a personal injury law firm deeply committed to promoting road safety and preventing accidents, we are thrilled to share valuable information about these clinics. In this blog post, we will delve into the key components of these clinics and explore the benefits they offer to young drivers.

Enhancing Skills for Safer Driving

Experience a comprehensive half-day course offered by Ford Motor Company, surpassing traditional driver education. Teens actively practice hazard recognition, vehicle handling, speed and space management, and strategies to combat distracted and impaired driving. Unlock advanced techniques and knowledge for confident navigation on the roads.

Professional Instructors, Hands-On Learning

Professional instructors guide participants throughout the clinics, offering immediate feedback and correction. With hands-on learning, young drivers can improve their understanding and performance behind the wheel, developing essential skills effectively and safely.

Cost-Free Program with Provided Vehicles

Ford Driving Skills for Life ensures accessibility for all eligible participants through its no-cost program. Benefit from provided vehicles, eliminating financial barriers and ensuring equal access to the program’s invaluable offerings. Focus on building safer drivers without the burden of additional expenses.

Parental Involvement and Information Sessions

Encouraging active participation, parents and guardians are strongly urged to accompany their teen drivers to the clinics. Reinforce learned lessons and gain valuable insights into your child’s progress. Dedicated information sessions equip parents to support ongoing development towards becoming safe drivers.

Empowering Young Drivers with Enhanced Skills and Confidence

In conclusion, Ford Driving Skills for Life hands-on clinics are empowering newly licensed drivers to enhance critical skills and promote road safety. With professional instructors, a cost-free program, and a focus on parental involvement, Ford is making a significant contribution to building safer drivers. Take advantage of this opportunity to develop advanced techniques and create a safer driving culture. Click here to sign up and secure your spot!

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