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Attorney Referrals and Co-Counsel with Kentucky Law Firm Erdmann & Stumbo, PLLC 

If you are an attorney or a law firm looking for a co-counsel in Kentucky, let Erdmann & Stumbo, PLLC, help. Cory Erdmann and Brooks Stumbo have practiced law together since 2008. They have handled a wide variety of cases, including personal injury, wrongful death, social security disability cases, cases involving automobile and motorcycle accidents, nursing home neglect and abuse, dog bites, and defective products. We are particularly experienced in medical malpractice, trucking litigation, and dram shop litigation.

Some of our successes include a 97+Million dollar jury verdict, a $15 Million settlement,  a $12+Million settlement, a 5+Million dollar jury verdict, and several $3+Million settlements. We achieve success for our clients and can help you achieve success for your clients, too.

We understand the nature of the co-counsel relationship and can fill any role you need us to serve. We will be sure to have a working definition of the parties’ roles, carefully consider the professional responsibility issues that the relationship raises, and manage the risk of malpractice that comes with the co-counsel relationship.

Our firm has a significant presence in the Kentucky legal landscape and enjoys a strong reputation as a law firm that achieves success by using big-firm resources while treating clients as if they are working with a boutique firm with a personal touch and uncommon integrity.

While we enjoy working with lawyers and law firms on a co-counsel basis, we also accept referrals if the matter is simply out of your jurisdiction or area of expertise. You need to feel comfortable that your clients are being looked after professionally.

What Clients Should Know About Co-Counsel

Some law firms will simply take a case and try to wing it on any claims where they may lack experience. However, responsible law firms, such as Erdmann & Stumbo, PLLC, may ask another law firm that they trust to work as co-counsel on any area of a claim where more experience is necessary. This approach benefits the client, who can rest assured that each aspect of their claim is looked after by an experienced attorney.

Multi-claim Matters

If another firm has a multi-claim issue, they may contact Erdmann & Stumbo, PLLC, to work as co-counsel. The client would benefit from this approach; for example, if a multi-claim issue includes a dram shop litigation matter, which is a relatively rare area of the law, our firm has considerable experience with these matters. 

Variety of Topics and Sub-issues

Often, client issues encompass a wide variety of topics and sub-issues. For example, suppose you are injured during surgery during which an alleged faulty medical device was used. In that case, your claim may include medical malpractice and product liability—two distinctly separate areas of the law. A client would benefit from a co-counsel relationship to ensure attorneys with the right experience advocate on their behalf.

Local Counsel

Even more common is when a law firm represents a local client but must litigate in another state. For example, if a New York law firm has a local client that is being sued in Kentucky because of jurisdictional reasons. In that case, the New York law firm will typically need what’s known as “local counsel” in Kentucky to attend local hearings and the like. Or, if it makes more sense, the New York firm may decide to simply refer the matter to a law firm in Kentucky they can trust, such as Erdmann & Stumbo, PLLC.

Contact Kentucky law firm, Erdmann & Stumbo, for Attorney Referrals and Co-Counsel Opportunities 

In any case, when firms work with co-counsel, this is an indication that the firms involved have the clients’ best interests in mind. As is the case with all states, co-counsel relationships of all kinds are tightly regulated by Kentucky’s ethical rules. Contact us today to learn more.